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Dec. 13, 2016

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Wichita, Kansas –  Trust Women Foundation believes a state in which nearly a quarter of children live in poverty has more important things to do than require public restrooms to have signs directing pregnant women to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, where they would received biased information.

The financial burden for the signs would fall on small businesses such as restaurants. The signs, which would only be required in English, would do nothing to help women and their families.

“Who would regulate the signage, and how much would the state of Oklahoma spend doing so?” asked Julie A. Burkhart, founder and CEO of Trust Women. “What penalties would businesses face for not complying?”

The proposed signs, Burkhart said, are another attempt by politicians to control women and judge them for the decisions they make.

Trust Women Foundation is a 501(c)(3). Trust Women opens clinics that provide abortion care in underserved communities so that all women can make their own decisions about their health care. Trust Women opened Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center in 2013 in Wichita, Kansas, and Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center in 2016 in Oklahoma City.



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