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Kansas Senate Bill 83, which requires clinics that provide abortion care to disclose medically unnecessary information about physicians, does nothing to help patients and puts doctors at risk, the CEO of Trust Women Foundation says.

“This bill is just another way to stigmatize abortion and target physicians,” said Julie A. Burkhart, founder and CEO of Trust Women, which owns and operates clinics in Wichita and Oklahoma City. “No other type of health care requires such additional disclosures.  SB 83, now on its way to Gov. Sam Brownback, who will surely sign it into law, is discriminatory and will make it easier for anti-choice extremists to harass physicians who provide abortion care in Kansas.

“The information required by the bill is already available through state departments,” Burkhart said. “As with other anti-choice legislation, the real purpose of this bill is to create more bureaucratic red tape for clinics. Lawmakers’ personal and religious beliefs should not be part of health care, which includes abortion care.”


Trust Women Foundation is a 501(c)(3). Trust Women opens clinics that provide abortion care in underserved communities so that all women can make their own decisions about their health care. Trust Women opened Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center in 2013 in Wichita, Kansas, and Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center in 2016 in Oklahoma City.










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