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Come raise a glass at Trust Women’s Fifth Annual Gala on Nov. 17.

This year’s event features political trailblazer Carol Moseley Braun.*

6 P.M. Doors Open | 7 P.M. Keynote Speaker | 9 P.M. VIP Reception

Abode Venue | 1330 E. Douglas | Wichita, Kansas

It’s our biggest night of the year, and we want you to be there.

There is no question that you’ve changed thousands of women’s lives through abortion access. You have proved time and again that victories are possible, even in areas of the country hostile to reproductive rights and justice. *Read more about Ms. Moseley Braun below.

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Born and raised in Chicago, Ms. Moseley Braun is the only African-American woman to have served in the U.S. Senate. She also has served her country as Ambassador to New Zealand, U.S. Senator from Illinois, Cook County Executive Officer, Illinois State Representative and U.S. Attorney. She has advocated for equal pay, food safety and support for family farms. She sponsored historic preservation of the Underground Railroad and the first federal support of Lupus research. Her record reflects a commitment to social justice and fiscal prudence. Ambassador Moseley Braun serves on the board of MWH Engineering, the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, the Bretton Woods Foundation and the US/UNA Committee. Ms. Moseley Braun is the founder and president of Good Food Organics®. Her work has earned her more than 200 awards and 11 honorary degrees for contributions in the public interest.