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The Circle of Trust for sustaining donors is one of the best ways you can support Trust Women and reproductive rights.


Click here to join the Circle of Trust to make a monthly contribution through your credit or debit card.

Who benefits from your monthly contribution? Women such as Brittany.

Brittany came to our Wichita clinic during the summer of 2016 to terminate her pregnancy because she didn’t feel prepared to be a mother. She lives in Oklahoma but needed help before our clinic there could open. Brittany did not have a job, a car or money. So she asked her father for the money to pay for her abortion and begged a friend to drive her to Wichita for the procedure. His car broke down on the way.

When she finally arrived, tears streamed down Brittany’s face as she explained her desire to be not just a mom but a GOOD mom. Unable to provide for herself, let alone a child, Brittany simply did not believe she would be a good mother at this time in her life, and she did not want to bring a child into the world knowing that.

Trust Women uses the money you contribute to directly improve women’s lives. We open clinics in underserved areas and fight against legislation that erodes reproductive justice.

How does monthly giving benefit Trust Women? 

  • A commitment to give monthly keep our costs low. We don’t have to spend money on postage and have continuous support upon which we can rely.
  • We can act proactively against our opponents and lead the conversation for reproductive justice and access.
  • It gives us the ongoing support that we need to continue to expand and sustain access.

How does monthly giving benefit you?

  • You can give more by breaking your donation into affordable amounts.
  • Your donations are tax-deductible.
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