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The Trust Women Foundation is a leading pro-choice and reproductive justice organization based in Wichita, Kansas. Founder and CEO Julie A. Burkhart started Trust Women to honor and continue the work of Dr. George Tiller, an abortion care provider assassinated at his church in 2009.

Kansas and Oklahoma

Trust Women works to open clinics to ensure that women have access to and control over their reproductive rights. Trust Women opened Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center in 2013 in Wichita and Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center in 2016 in Oklahoma City.

Interested in learning more about what Trust Women does to help women?

You may contact us by emailing us at, calling us at 316-425-3215 or mailing us at:

Trust Women Foundation

P.O. Box 3222

Wichita, KS 67201

Are you a professional journalist seeking information about Trust Women? Please reach out to us at 316-425-3215 (office) or

Are you interested in supporting Trust Women? Please reach out to Rebecca Tong, director of development, at or call 316-425-3215.

Are you interested in volunteering or advocating on behalf of reproductive rights? Please reach out to Haley Kottler, Canvas and Advocacy Manager, at or call 316-425-3215.

Trust Women staff members are experts about reproductive rights, abortion care, women’s rights, equal rights and LGBTQIA issues.

A Message from Our Founder and CEO, Julie A. Burkhart

For 30 years, Dr. George Tiller kept the doors of his clinic, Women’s Health Care Services, open despite constant harassment from anti-choice activists and politicians and routine violence from anti-choice terrorists. I worked with Dr. Tiller for seven years and witnessed daily his compassion and commitment to the women he served. I founded Trust Women to honor his commitment and continue his work. Trust Women is committed to protecting  through direct services, communications and advocacy  the rights of pregnant people everywhere, especially in Midwestern and Southern states.



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