Trust Women | Reproductive Rights | Wichita, Kansas

Trust Women is proud of the work it does to help ensure women have access to and control over their reproductive rights.

Vote WomenHere are some year-by-year highlights of Trust Women’s accomplishments in the field of reproductive rights.

  • We opened our second Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center in Oklahoma City, expanding access to abortion and reproductive health care. 
  • Our founder and CEO, Julie A. Burkhart, spoke at the Woman’s National Democratic Club in Washington, D.C.
  •  We received substantial media coverage from outlets that included Bloomberg, Marie Claire, the BBC, The Los Angeles Times and Radio Canada.    
  • We brought David S. Cohen, the co-author of “Living in the Crosshairs: The Untold Stories of Anti-Abortion Terrorism” to Wichita.
  • We co-sponsored a Repro Rally in Old Town Square in Wichita to raise awareness for reproductive rights.
  • We invited supporters to our Wichita clinic for a #ShowSomeMercy Celebration. 
Kathy Najimy
  • We lobbied against anti-choice legislation, including a ban on the most common abortion procedure. 
  • We brought actress and pro-choice advocate Kathy Najimy to Wichita for our Fourth Annual Gala. 
  • We knocked on more than 28,000 doors as part of our second canvassing effort. 
  • We presented and participated in several events to bring awareness to domestic and intimate partner violence, including speaking at a symposium at Wichita State University titled “Peace in the Home.”
  • Presented on several panels and co-sponsored the Take Root: Red States Perspectives on Reproductive Justice Conference.
Dr. Tiller
  • Our Wichita clinic marked its first anniversary, seeing 1,500 patients in its first year of offering full-spectrum reproductive health care.
  • We successfully booked the “abortion rom-com” Obvious Child to play in Wichita. The distributor had been on the fence about a smaller market, but we wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.
  • Trust Women received a grant from the Brush Foundation for Trust Women’s efforts to expand access to reproductive health care in the Midwest and South.
  • Trust Women hosted an online memorial in remembrance of the fifth anniversary of the assassination of Dr. George Tiller. 
  • Trust Women and South Wind Women’s Center were featured in a four-part documentary on MSNBC on the first anniversary of South Wind Women’s Center’s opening.  
  • We launched our first door-to-door canvass program to identify people who “trust women to make private medical decisions, including abortion.”
  • We identified more than 6,000 new supporters of reproductive rights in the Wichita area.
  • This is the first program of its kind in the country in partnership with NARAL State Voices.
  • South Wind Women’s Center, the first Trust Women clinic, opened in the very facility that housed Dr. Tiller’s former practice.
  • We began a program to provide intrauterine devices at less than a tenth of the cost to low-income and uninsured patients.
  • South Wind is the only clinic for 200 miles serving: Wichita, western Kansas, northern Oklahoma and parts of Texas.
  • We convinced media conglomerate Clear Channel to lift a ban on South Wind’s radio ads.
  • Trust Women campaigned – in conjunction with Women, Action, and the Media (WAM) – and collected 68,000 signatures of support.
  • We raised public support for our work, a dozen media hits and thousands of tweets.
  • We twice stopped attempts by anti-choice organizations to rezone our facility.
  • Anti-choice organizations went before the Wichita City Council and cited their own tactics (grotesque signs and their very presence) as a nuisance and a danger to the community, arguing that’s why our clinic should be shut down.
  • Hosted author Robin Marty for a book signing for Crow After Roe as well as a reproductive justice activist training in Kansas.
  • CEO Julie A. Burkhart attended the International Family Planning Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and presented at the Funders Network on Population, Reproductive Health & Rights.
News Coverage
  • We purchased Dr. Tiller’s medical facility from his wife after an exhaustive search for an appropriate building.
  • We invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations to clean and update the facility, which had been vacant for three years.
  • Trust Women started its Youth Mobilization and Leadership Program.
  • We worked with 12 interns from across the country and trained them in reproductive advocacy work with practical hands-on training.
  • We lobbied against anti-choice legislation in Kansas and Oklahoma. Trust Women:
  • Organized mini lobby days for Kansas constituents to voice opposition to further restrictions on women’s reproductive rights.
  • Provided testimony against pre-viability ban, double parental consent, targeted regulations against abortion providers and insurance ban bills.
  • Partnered with Oklahoma reproductive justice organizations to submit testimony in opposition to pre-viability ban legislation.
  • We joined in coalition work and regional pro-choice movement dialogue. Trust Women:
  • Hosted a Strategic Organizing Summit, with co-sponsorship from the Twist Fund, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for Oklahoma and Kansas activists, organizers and groups to learn strategies for messaging and creating coalitions to lobby legislators.
  • Hosted a conference funded by a National Institute for Reproductive Health grant in Topeka with Kansas legislators and community leaders that informed legislators about insurance coverage and abortion.
  • Co-Sponsored the Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice Conference in Norman, Oklahoma. Julie Burkhart, our director, was a panelist.
  • Participated in Kansas Action and Information Network, a coalition of pro-choice organizations.
  • We worked to strengthen Trust Women’s roots in Wichita. Trust Women:
  • Planned a series of round-table discussions for Wichita-area women to participate in the reproductive rights conversation.
  • Participated in initial planning for Trust Women’s Bi-Annual Youth Mobilization and Leadership Program for college students.
  • We lobbied against Nebraska’s anti-choice pre-viability ban. Trust Women:
  • Assisted with grassroots organizing of Nebraskans who oppose further restrictions on women’s rights.
  • Sponsored parents to testify against the ban – women and families who faced pregnancies with abnormalities.
  • Led communications in the state of Nebraska and nationally highlighting the many flaws with the bill and the disregard for personal and family decision-making.
  • We leveraged support for candidates who believe women are in control of their reproductive rights. 
  • Through social media, phone calls and web-based targeted activity, Trust Women worked to mobilize voters and activists who support women’s reproductive rights.
  • We made direct contributions.
  • We began building and anchoring Trust Women. We:
  • • Developed a clear vision for Trust Women.
  • Developed a website, which was then launched January of 2011.
  • Implemented key elements for the operation and success of the organization.
  • Built coalitions and networked in key states across the country.