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14 Feb 17 0

Oklahoma HB 1441 and HB 1549 are unconstitutional

Feb. 14, 2017 For immediate release Contact: Deb Gruver, Director of Communications Office: 316-425-3215 Mobile: 316-992-9685 Wichita, Kansas – People wondering how reproductive rights would fare under the Trump admi

1 Feb 17 0

Trust Women reacts to U.S. Supreme Court nominee

  Jan. 13, 2017 For immediate release Contact: Deb Gruver, Director of Communications Office: 316-425-3215 Mobile: 316-992-9685 Wichita, Kansas – The majority of Americans agree that access to abortion care should

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For 30 years, Dr. George Tiller kept the doors of his clinic, Women's Health Care Services, open despite constant harassment from anti-choice activists and politicians and routine violence from anti-choice terrorists. I founded Trust Women to honor his commitment and continue his work. Trust Women is dedicated to protecting — through direct services, communications and advocacy — the rights of pregnant people everywhere, especially in Midwestern and Southern states.

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